Address of the clinic

Livoberezhna metro st.
O. Tumanyan Street, 3
Raisy Okipnoi Street, 5

Time schedule

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun: 8:00 - 20:00
Seven days a week

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The benefits of rehabilitation in the clinic "Aksimed"

  • Specialized Neurological Center;
  • All specialists are trained in clinics in Germany;
  • Modern and unique equipment;
  • Rehabilitation classes take place 7 days a week;
  • Comfortable stay in single rooms;
  • Individual care;
  • A personal cook.

When it comes to recovery of patients after a stroke, the leading role is played by the time: if the patient's condition allows, rehabilitation is necessary to initiate as soon as possible. This is this case when a chance to get better results of treatment increases.

During the first days after the victory over the stroke patient should be in the department of neuro reanimation or in the intensive neurology department under the constant supervision of doctors who will monitor the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and will fight with swelling of the brain, that occurs around the hearth of a stroke. In these early days the patient needs the greatest care.

Not all hospitals are able to provide adequate care and rehabilitation of patients after a stroke, that’s why for relatives of the patient there occurs the question about the choice of the specialized institution in which the patient will be helped to improve and recover the lost functions of the organism. Restoration of the motor apparatus, the speech apparatus, and the work of the psychologist with the patient are a part of the overall recovery process after a stroke. Thus, the recovery of motor functions of the patient is promoted by physical therapy sessions aimed at the return of proper range of motions, strength and self-help skills. During the speech rehabilitation a speech therapist or a neuropsychologist works with the patient whose actions are aimed at increasing the speech activity. It is the step to the recovery of the patient in which an important role is played by the presence and contact with loved ones who not only have to systematically do home exercises with the patient, but also to talk with him everyday.

At the Center for stroke rehabilitation in clinic "Aksimed" work people who want to improve the quality of life of their patients and make their stay in the walls of the Centre as effective as possible. The experience of the doctors includes years of practice and a lot of patients who were able to improve their lives and recover after a stroke with their help.

Recovering from a stroke is undoubtedly long and hard work, which is not as simple as that. The process of social adaptation of patients after a stroke runs extremely difficult because of conspicuous speech and motor defects, as well as pain syndrome. Therefore the majority of those who have suffered from a stroke, are often prone to depressions. For the psychologists and rehabilitologists it is necessary to conduct interviews with both the patients and their families, and to direct how to build a life more to the needs of the patient. The patient should feel the constant support of their loved ones in the process of recovery after a stroke. The mission: The Rehabilitation Center was created to provide specialized and high-quality care in the recovery of motor, cognitive and speech functions of the patients who have suffered from a stroke or trauma of the musculoskeletal system.

Team: The staff in the Center for Rehabilitation are ready to exert maximum effort, knowledge, motivation and experience to achieve the synergistic effect in the process of restoration of lost functions.