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O. Tumanyan Street, 3
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Time schedule

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun: 8:00 - 20:00
Seven days a week


Rehabilitation of patients after strokes and traumas is always a long multi-step process comprising a plurality of components, such as ergotherapy, physiotherapy, massages, therapies, sessions with a neuropsychologist, speech therapist, neurologist, etc.

One of the main criteria for the overall success of rehabilitation measures, as the doctors in the rehabilitation center of clinic "Aksimed" opine, is comprehensive development of an individual approach to the patient.

Hence, taking into account individual characteristics of each patient, among the entire set of tools that are widely used for rehabilitation, a patient may really need only a few. One of such instruments often is kinesiotherapy.

Today kinesiotherapy is one of the methods of physical rehabilitation of the patient whose main purpose is to cure patients using movements. Treatment using movements means that the patient gets adapted and with time increasing force pressure, that is selected by the experts of our Center individually, taking into account all the characteristics and needs of the patient

The main indications for the use of methods of kinesiotherapy are diseases and disorders in the musculoskeletal system. The methods used in kinesiotherapy in clinic "Aksimed" can be divided into active (when the patient moves independently) and passive:

  • Active methods include exercise therapy sessions, as well as a variety of games.
  • Passive methods include massages, mechanic therapy and the method of stretching the patient. Sessions of kinesiotherapy are held with the help of special equipment and training simulators.

In the center of neurorehabilitation after strokes and traumas in clinic "Aksimed" there are gathered all the necessary stuff for sessions of kinesiotherapy. To achieve the most positive effect from the rehabilitation the doctors of the Center not only develop an individual treatment program, but also use time-tested European techniques such as Bobat and PNF.

The center also has all the necessary modern equipment for mechanotherapy and a separate room for cardio, which allows the patient to gradually increase the reserve-adaptive capabilities of the respiratory and cardiovascular biological systems of the body.

In addition to a good base, the rehabilitation centre in clinic "Aksimed" is also proud of its specialists-rehabilitators who have extensive practical experience and do not forget to constantly improve their skills and learn from foreign experience.

The doctors of the Center are a team of professionals who strive to make the recovery process as efficient as possible. Remember that it is always better to ask for expert’s advice than to begin treatment on your own. This rule also refers to rehabilitation after strokes or traumas. Do not regret your strength and time for your health. Come for a consultation and You will obtain help!

Kinesiotherapy is a method of physical rehabilitation which consists in an individual approach to the patient with the use of proven European techniques PNF and Bobat.

Kinesiotherapy. rehabilitation.aksimed.ua. Rehabilitation Center Aksimed

Mechanotherapy is an important part of rehabilitation treatment after strokes and traumas. Due to the influence on the neuromuscular system of a human it helps to normalize muscle tone before restoring movement.

 Mechanotherapy. rehabilitation.aksimed.ua. Rehabilitation Center Aksimed

Cardio workout gym is equipped with special multi-functional equipment (an orbitrek, treadmill, exercise bike), which allows to perform cyclic dosed exercises aimed at improving the reserve capacity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Cardio workout gym. rehabilitation.aksimed.ua. Rehabilitation Center Aksimed

Balance trainer is a trainer with adjustable load which allows the patient to do, to train and improve the "early" steps and perform special combined exercises in the horizontal plane.

Balance trainer is a trainer with. rehabilitation.aksimed.ua. Rehabilitation Center Aksimed

The balance trainer effects:

  • an increase in the range of motions in the joints;
  • improvement of the statodynamic stability of the vestibular apparatus;
  • optimization of the distribution of the muscular-adipose tissue;
  • normalization of the muscle tone;
  • the intestine stimulation.

The benefits of rehabilitation in the clinic "Aksimed"

  • Specialized Neurological Center;
  • All specialists are trained in clinics in Germany;
  • Modern and unique equipment;
  • Rehabilitation classes take place 7 days a week;
  • Comfortable stay in single rooms;
  • Individual care;
  • A personal cook.