Address of the clinic

Livoberezhna metro st.
O. Tumanyan Street, 3
Raisy Okipnoi Street, 5

Time schedule

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun: 8:00 - 20:00
Seven days a week


We all want to be healthy and wish the same for our relatives. However, nobody is safe from unpleasant accidents that can happen to any of us according to our will and without our desire. The experience of the first trauma and understanding that it is necessary to protect ourselves comes to us in early childhood, when we fall off the bike and break our knees, run awkwardly for the ball and fall onto our hands, jump into the water without making sure that it is deep enough, so that we are not hurt. As we grow up, we become more aware of what it takes to take care of our health, but at the same time every day we take risks.

Any injury is always unpleasant. It especially concerns those injuries that have consequences and cause a long rehabilitation process. We constantly focus only on how to recover and return the previous form. Fractures are one of the very kinds of injuries that bring a patient discomfort some period of time. In the case of improper rehabilitation after fractures people may feel discomfort or pain in the affected part of the body. It is therefore important to know and remember that the healing process is not limited to the coalescence of bones or staying in the gypsum.

Rehabilitation after fractures is aimed at maximum or complete recovery of the functions of the damaged body part and should consist of a medical exercise therapy, medical gymnastics, physiotherapy and a massage. Each of these components should be selected by a qualified specialist taking into account all the peculiarities of exactly your trauma so that the next rehabilitation had a positive effect.

At the Center for rehabilitation after injuries in clinic "Aksimed" there is everything you need to restore the most affected limb motor functions. Availability of modern methods of treatment and the latest equipment for a complex of measures for rehabilitation after a fracture complements the presence of the professionals in their field, practitioners, who will put their existing effort to make your recovery process the most successful.

When it comes to the rehabilitation after a fracture, do not self-medicate or follow the advice of relatives and friends. Come to the Center for rehabilitation after injuries in clinic "Aksimed" and get expert advice and assistance of experts.

Be healthy!

The benefits of rehabilitation in the clinic "Aksimed"

  • Specialized Neurological Center;
  • All specialists are trained in clinics in Germany;
  • Modern and unique equipment;
  • Rehabilitation classes take place 7 days a week;
  • Comfortable stay in single rooms;
  • Individual care;
  • A personal cook.